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I have many contacts in Egypt, and a good friend of mine there has invited me to present some key concepts of embedded systems development in form of small presentations. So far, I've done two.
The company is Swift Act, a company founded by Amr Ali Abdelnaby, who invited me to participate.
That's why I've decided to collect some descriptions here, with links to the YouTube recordings, and also a PDF of the presentation slides I created and used. Take a look!

  • A first presentation was live on July 31st, 2020, titled "Processor Self-Tests", subtitle "Testing correct operation of a processor for safety implementations".
    According to ISO 26262, single processor implementations of safety-related requirements need to provide a functional check of the correct operation of the processor itself while running. Things like ROM and RAM testing is quite common, but how do you test a processor by itself?
    The slides are here , the video is here. Enjoy!
  • A second presentation followed on August 14th, 2020, titled "Safe Coding Techniques", subtitle "How to modify your coding techniques for ASIL modules".
    TRUE and FALSE in C/C++ are just one bit apart: Zero or not zero. For safe coding that is not enough. So I explain 'hamming distance', and develop safe error codes and sentinels based on it.
    The slides are here , the video will appear here. Enjoy!

Others may follow.

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