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I often get asked about some small utility or a tool I use, and sometimes I even ask myself a question, like "I used to have or see a program doing this for me, where can I get the latest version?"
Therefore, this page is for me! ;-)
Subdivided in some sections I present the non-mainstream tools and programs I regularly depend upon, each with a small explanation.
Take what you like, and if you like, let me know what you think.

Main programs
A free and open-source backup solution for online or cloud backups. I've been using it for more than 5 years, but for a backup solution I am conservative and use the stable version. It is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
Software Development
My personal and absolutely preferred editor environment. It is a programmable editor environment with support for more than 60 programming and scripting languages, a built-in language for advanced macro programming and much more. I've been using this environment since 1993...
Utilities that come in handy
A small utility that I use mainly to be able to scroll in a window that does not currently have the focus, i.e. in the background. Not really necessary, but when you're used to it, you don't want to miss it. I've had few issues with it under Windows 7, even though there have been very few updates.
A simple, multi-platform program to encrypt/decrypt files, available on Windows, Mac, Linux and other formats. Does what it promises, does it well, and no more than that. If you carry sensitive information with you, recommended.
Do you ever wonder why your harddisk or SSD is filling up so fast, what is taking up all that space? Then WinDirStat is for you. It not only gives you an overview of the filesystem, which directory takes up how much space, but it gives a graphical representation where you can really see the big files and find out what and where they are.
Good to have available
"The best maintenance and recovery utility!", as Leo Laporte calls it in the TWiT podcast Security Now with Steve Gibson. Currently a good choice for smaller hard disks and SSDs. We are all waiting for version 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, and later version 7...
The best quick reference I have found for creating BAT/CMD batch files, with descriptions of all commands, syntax explanations, etc. The site contains more, for example for PowerShell or bash, but I have not really used those parts.
Steve Gibson explains current events in the realm of IT security, in a TWiT podcast with Leo Laporte. If the news is not too enormous, Q&A episodes are interspersed with technical explanations of basic and in-depth topics.
Mark Horstman and Michael "Mike" Auzenne started in 2005 on a quest to 'make every manager effective'. With far over 500 podcasts they created a tremendous framework for managers, directors and higher ups to make the most out of the hours spent on business.
If you need a new password, take one from this site. Steve Gibson, the man from SpinRite and Security Now!, has created a non-spoofable website with absolutely random passwords in three different character sets. And if you refresh the page, you get a totally different set.
If you're interested, the rest of the page explains exactly how it is done.

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