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Undocumented PC Lint options

WARNING: This post was originally written in 2007. PC Lint has evolved over the last 10 years or more. Please look at the version you are currently using, and check the documentation before you rely on this information.
Johan Bezem, 2016.

I've been searching Gimpel's forum several times already. Some options have been added since version 8.00a, but these are not yet documented (nor supported, mind you!). But occasionally, I still need these. Now, for all my readers, without support, without any official shine, just as-is. I've included links to the best (IMHO) definitions in Gimpel's forum I could find. Additions and corrections always welcome.
+fsg - map namespace to global namespace, documented in 9.0
++d<name> - define and survive even #undef; documented in 9.0
+restore_end - Place each single source in its own sandbox (Version 8.00u only)
+restore_at_end - As before, version 8.00v ff; the documentation for Lint 9.0 describes -restore_at_end, the software seems to accept both variants.
--esym(...) - seems identical to -esym, not documented but still accepted by version 9.0
-ecall(...) - turn of warning at each function call; documented in 9.0
-deprecate(objectType, objectName, warningString) - declare several object types to be deprecated; supported are "function", "macro", and "variable (thanks, Don!); documented in 9.0
+xml(<string>) - make Lint format its output as XML. Follow the link to the sample configuration to see how it's done; documented in 9.0

November 4th, 2007

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